Ceasons Holdings provides quick, hard money loans!

Ceasons Holdings is a Texas based private commercial real estate lending company dedicated to financing short-term asset based loans.

We provide non traditional, real estate loans on commercial and land projects in Texas. We are a Direct  equity based lender!

Ceasons Holdings provides hard money loans in Texas.  Since 2003, we have funded over $100,000,000 in hard money loans.

Most of the loans that we fund are traditionally referred to as hard money loans, bridge loans, Investment loans, or asset-based loans.

If you are concerned that your company's credit score might be in a shaky position then contact us at Ceasons Holdings and see firsthand what we can do for you.

In an ever-evolving real estate market, owners and investors often come across real estate opportunities that require speed of execution in order to take advantage of the moment. These opportunities are often not within the traditional banking realms of operation. That is why when you call Ceasons Holdings; our goal is to get you the money when you need it the most! We help owners and entrepreneurs move on projects in a timely manner so that they can achieve their objectives.

With closing times normally within two weeks, Ceasons Holdings benefits clients that want to take advantage of opportunities that require immediate action as well as clients that have unique circumstances- cash-outs, bankruptcy, and credit issues.

Ceasons Holdings funds loans that banks and other traditional lenders cannot.

Please feel free to call us at 469-233-0450 or email us at to discuss a loan scenario.

Ceasons Holdings is based out of Colleyville, Texas and is a family owned and operated private real estate lender.

We can close most transactions in 5-7 business days!