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Bridge Loans

Ceasons Holdings is a Texas bridge loan and hard money lender, providing short term financing for real estate owners and investors that need funding quickly.

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The best real estate opportunities often require owners and investors to be able to move fast and close quickly, in order to take advantage of the moment. These opportunities are often not afforded the luxury of slow underwriting and  traditional banking requirements.

Our Bridge Loans, often have closing times within two weeks, thus  benefiting  clients that want to take advantage of opportunities that require immediate action as well as clients that have unique circumstances.

Why use a Bridge Loan?

Borrowers often use our Bridge Loans, because:
-the borrower has financial or credit challenges
-You need to close quickly
-the state of the property does not allow it to be considered for traditional banking

For example, our bridge loans are used to purchase a property quickly, renovate, and increase occupancy or attract a tenant, then the borrower can either sell or refinance with a traditional lender.

Ceasons Holdings bridge loans typically have term lengths between 12 and 24 months. We can offer renewal/extension options, pending the loan is current and market conditions are stable.