Ceasons Holdings - Cash-Out Loans - Hard Money Loans

Ceasons Holdings provides several types of private hard money loans in Texas.

One of the most popular types of hard money loans that we fund are cash-out loans.

Banks and other traditional lending institutions are not actively and/or aggressively closing loans that allow borrowers to have access to the equity in their property.

A cash-out loan from Ceasons Holdings does allow the property owner to have access to their property’s equity. The money from a cash-out loan can be used to consolidate other debt, renovate a property, or other business ventures.

On our cash-out loans, we can lend up to 50% of the property value (based on Ceasons Holdings’s valuation.


  1. Borrower inherited a property and has the property listed for sale, but desires some cash while waiting for a contract and sell of the property.
  2. Borrower has a very small lien on the property or owns the property free and clear, and desires some cash for other pursuits.
  3. Borrower bought a property with all cash and obtain one of our cash-out loans to free up capital

We do NOT lend on primary residences.