Ceasons Holdings - Investment Opportunities

Looking for an Alternative to Stock Market and Bond Investing?


Ceasons Holdings is a Texas based private commercial real estate lending company dedicated to financing short-term asset based loans. Our loans are commonly referred to as Private Money Loans, Hard Money Loans, Asset-Based Loans or Bridge Loans. The principals of Ceasons Holdings and its affiliate partner have been involved in real estate investing and lending for over 50 years and since 2003 we have invested and funded over $100,000,000.00, in bridge loans. The funds used to finance each loan come from Ceasons Holdings funds and private investors who use Ceasons Holdings to place their money in select trust deed investments.

We are currently expanding, and are now offering private investors the opportunity to  become involved in investing in Private Mortgages.

With Ceasons Holdings, you can earn passive monthly interest secured by real estate,  based in Texas.

Attractive Returns Between 12% - 17% paid monthly

Advantages of Real Estate Investing with Ceasons Holdings:

The focus of Ceasons Holdings is to provide high return investment opportunities companied with excellent customer service to its clients.

We provide the following services for our investors:

•  Minimal Management- Ceasons Holdings handles all aspects of origination, underwriting, funding, and servicing for our investor clientele.

•  High Yield on Investment - 12-17% Return

•  Collateral - Invested capital is secured by real estate.

•  Monthly Income - Ceasons Holdings investors receive monthly income from interest earned

•  Diversification - Allows investors to diversify their investment portfolio and is a predictable and secure alternative to stock market    investing.

Call Ceasons Holdings to learn how to "Be the Bank" by investing in high quality First Lien Notes.