Real Estate Loans/Land Loans

Ceasons Holdings is able to provide hard money loans in Texas on land.
In the fast-changing world of real estate, opportunities to purchase or refinance land in the Lone Star State come and go quickly. When you need land loans in Texas to secure a piece of real estate before it disappears, Ceasons Holdings can help you obtain the necessary funds, even if your credit score isn't perfect. Our hard money loans can be used to refinance land loans with your current lender as well. As a hard money lender in Texas, we're dedicated to providing the non-traditional real estate loans businesses need for land refinancing, development and acquisition projects.

Hard Money Land Loans

Land loans give you access to the money you need to obtain, develop or refinance real estate in the state of Texas, but loans of this type are sometimes more difficult to obtain than traditional real estate loans. If your request for a land loan doesn't meet conventional lending guidelines, a hard money land loan can offer you an alternative solution without losing out on a strong real estate opportunity. 

Real estate hard money lenders provide short-term funding for land transactions so that you can take advantage of opportunities that require speed of execution to succeed. Whether you want to purchase land near your existing property, invest in real estate for future development, or refinance a land loan with your current lender, Ceasons Holdings offers land loans that give you access to the cash you need in as little as five to seven business days.

Refinance Your Real Estate Loan

When you own real estate in the Lone Star State, you have a valuable asset that can allow you to obtain new sources of funding that you may have overlooked. Ceasons Holdings is a Texas hard money lender that will let you pull cash out of your land to develop the property or for  other business ventures. At Ceasons Holdings, we offer hard money loans in Texas for land and commercial properties as well as residential properties in the Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio area, providing you with the funds you need for acquisition, refinancing and land development.

Flexible Hard Money Lending Terms with No Upfront Fees

As a private commercial real estate lending company, Ceasons Holdings is able to offer you terms on land loans that traditional lenders simply cannot. There are no upfront fees involved, and our fixed interest rates protect you from unexpected expenses. Our interest-only hard money loans are designed with 12-month loan terms with extensions available. Loans are typically secured with up to 50 percent of the current market value of the real estate.

Whether you need to refinance a loan with your current lender, acquire additional property or make improvements to your existing land, Ceasons Holdings is your go-to source for hard money land loans in the Lone Star State. As a family owned and operated private real estate lender based in Texas, we understand the local real estate market and know the value that investments in land offer. Our goal at Ceasons Holdings is to make loans that help your Texas business ventures succeed.