Residential Rehab Loans/Rehab Loans

Today's fluid housing market in Texas offers savvy real estate investors the chance to capitalize on great deals, and rehabilitating a residential property for resale is one of the most effective ways to make the most of your investment. When it comes to making a profit, the ability to move fast when a potential property becomes available is paramount to success. Residential rehab loans let you close deals quickly before losing it to another investor. When you need greater flexibility than offered by traditional long-term mortgage loans, Ceasons Holdings can give you the competitive edge. We're the hard money lenders in Texas who can provide the financing you need to succeed in the highly competitive residential rehab market.

The loans that we fund are also commonly referred to as:
-Investment Loans
-Rehab Loans
-Residential Investment Loans
-Hard Money Loans
-Cash Out Loans
-Fix and Flip Loans
-Private money Loans
-Bridge Loans

Residential Rehab Loans in Texas

Rehab loans are designed to provide the influx of funds needed to raise the market value of a residential property through renovation, remodeling and rehabilitation. Our investment rehab loans are often used to flip a home or to improve a home for resale. The funds obtained through residential rehab loans can be used to improve your current residential rental properties or to purchase a property that needs renovation or to remodel an existing it. As a private real estate lender based in Texas, Ceasons Holdings offers rehab loans for residential properties that allow investors to meet time constraints and realize their financial goals. 

Texas Hard Money Lenders

Whether you want to renovate an existing home to raise its market value or purchase a new residential property to flip for a profit, a hard money rehab loan can provide you with the necessary funds quickly. When it comes to buying foreclosures, speed is a critical consideration. Sellers are more likely to accept your purchase price when they know the loan will close in a timely manner. Conventional mortgage loans not only take longer to process but are harder to obtain than hard money residential rehab loans.

Unlike traditional lenders, Ceasons Holdings can provide you with a rehab loan even if you don't have a stellar credit rating. Hard money loans are based on collateral rather than your credit history. At Ceasons Holdings, loan interest rates are fixed, so there are no surprises, and because we can usually close hard money loans within five to seven business days, you won't have to wait to obtain the funds you need.

Fast Hard Money Rehab Loans from Ceasons Holdings

As a family owned and operated real estate lender based in Texas, Ceasons Holdings is uniquely qualified to offer residential rehab loans in Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio and throughout the state of Texas. We know the cities, communities and their markets, and we understand that circumstances sometimes make it challenging to qualify for a conventional loan. Our personal approach to real estate loans not only offers you an effective alternative but ensures that you'll receive the kind of fast financing that it takes to succeed in the Lone Star State's bustling real estate market.